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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

At 03:33 PM 5/24/97 -0400, Ronald Orenstein wrote:
>to see her try that with an elephant).  Where did she say she got her degree?

   Here at Cowtown University (Ahia State) I would suppose.

>7.  Our photographer character has been in more than one war zone.  He's
>not stupid.  He knows his life is at stake.  So what does he do to his
>chief guard's main line of defense?  Takes the bullets out of his gun!

   Was he telling the truth about being a photographer?  I'm not so sure.
The guy was an Earth Firster, and Hammond's secret weapon.  I've seen quotes
from the founders of Earth First; what I read suggests the *founders* are
fanatics, whackos or just plain idiots (I do know that one of the reasons
why one of the founders left Greenpeace to start Earth First was because he
didn't think Greenpeace was bold and "forceful" enough).  Whether this is
true of the rest of the organization I don't know, but based on the quotes
of the founders I found his taking of the bullets to be absolutely believable.

>9.  INGEN has huge helicopters capable of flying in heavy vehicles.  They
>have a doped-up T. rex that will only stay under for so long.  So why do
>they send the critter home by ship???

   Because they have a doped-up T. rex that will only stay under for so
long?  Anybody know how long a helicopter trip would have been?  If it's a
long trip, the thing would wake up and they'd have a hell of a situation on
their hands if it wasn't fully secured, the stress surely would not have
been good for it, and in any case they wouldn't have been able to monitor it
if it had difficult with the tranquilizers, which apparently it did.

>10.  What on earth was the naval destroyer escort supposed to do?  Possibly
>the film's most ludicrous image....

   Not at all.  I haven't forgotten the nonsense with the three whales stuck
in the ice several years ago.  Given that, I'd say the escort was a way for
the nations of the earth to show solidarity with their brethern over
preserving the wonders of nature ... and, I suppose, to make it clear that
anybody ELSE who tried to take the dinosaurs off the island would get hit
with the business end of a destroyer.

>A better
>score would have helped - JP1's music contributed a lot to its atmosphere.

   I agree.  As I sit here listening to it, I'm thinking I should have
bought a pizza instead.  The first John Williams soundtrack I've been sorely
disappointed with.

   ...but I'll pay to see the movie again.  I was looking for entertainment,
not intellectual stimulation.  It was a fun little romp.  I especially loved
the compys and paleontologist R. B.

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