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LOST WORLD Sauropod confusion (was Re: I saw THE LOST WORLD)

I think I can clear up the Mamenchiasaur/Diplodocid confusion in THE LOST
WORLD. Here's the issue I am refering to:

Larry dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:

>> From:          "Mike Brett-Surman" <MNHPB018@SIVM.SI.EDU>
>> Finally, the scene with the motorcyclist and the diplodocid (NOT a
>> mamenchisaur) was magnificent.
>Better tell the people at ILM and SWS!  THEY modeled the sauropod as
>a mamenchisaur!
>I saw it and loved it.  Great fun.

According to the script, The MAMENCHIASAURS were in a scene that did not
make it into the film. They were supposed to be stumbled into by Sara,
Malcom, Nick and Eddie during the escape from the attacking Stegosaurs at
the teams first dino encounter at the island. The MAMENCHIASAURS are in the
process of mating and the group hides under them to escape the Stegos. This
scene obviously got truncated eliminating a scene that would have been fun
to see although surely an improbable senario.

Later in the script and in the movie, more sauropods appear during the
jeep/bike chase by the hunters team. The script refers to these sauropods

Hope this clears things up.