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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

>The guy was an Earth Firster, and Hammond's secret weapon.  I've seen quotes
>from the founders of Earth First; what I read suggests the *founders* are
>fanatics, whackos or just plain idiots (I do know that one of the reasons
>why one of the founders left Greenpeace to start Earth First was because he
>didn't think Greenpeace was bold and "forceful" enough).  Whether this is
>true of the rest of the organization I don't know, but based on the quotes
>of the founders I found his taking of the bullets to be absolutely

I've spent some time with some of the Earth First! founders, and I can
assure you that though their views are extreme in some areas they are
neither fanatics, whackos or idiots - a bit gonzo, perhaps.  But bear in
mind that many of the quotes you see have been pulled entirely out of
context - some of the more extreme anti-environmental groups have tried
their best to smear Earth First! by attributing to it ideas it does not

I do NOT want to start a thread on this!!! But I am speaking here from
having spent a week or so at a conference with the people involved some
years back, and I assure you that I am a very reasonable activist myself
who believes very strongly that logic, reason, properly reported facts and
good science are central to true environmental awareness.  I have a very
low tolerance for nutcase extremists and fruitcakes even (or especially)
when they are ostensibly on my side, and I can only tell you that the
people I met were neither.
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