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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

On Sat, 24 May 1997, Ronald Orenstein wrote:
> [...]
> 5.  If T. rex can pretty much keep up with a jeep or a bus driving full
> out, why can't it catch a bunch of people running away on foot?  And why

The stret was flat open ground? And dry?

> don't the people scatter, for god's sake? Or, as my son pointed out, why

Too much vegetation etc., had to stick to the trail.

> didn't they shoot the critter with the automatic weapons they were waving
> all over the place?

They were shooting, some of them. Pointing backwards as they ran. 
Looked like most got up and ran without their weapons. A more pertinent
question is why did everyone sleep through the rex's approach and
mild roaring.

> [...]
> 9.  INGEN has huge helicopters capable of flying in heavy vehicles.  They
> have a doped-up T. rex that will only stay under for so long.  So why do
> they send the critter home by ship???

The vehicles were shipped as well, most likely. Helicopter ranges
aren't great enough to go all the way. As for the rex, no doubt they
wanted to protect it from exposure. I suspect a ship(s) with a helipad, 
tho I noticed a Chinook which is a bit big for this kind of ship.

> 10.  What on earth was the naval destroyer escort supposed to do?  Possibly
> the film's most ludicrous image....

Bakker's relatives? ;)
> [...]

I'm curious about how the stego managed to hit with the spike pointed
down, when they are depicted as sideways and upish.

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