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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (O.K. to look)

dunn1@IDT.NET wrote:

> Let's not get carried away here.  It's a summer movie. 
 But for the sake of argument, take another look at
> the scenes in which both tyrannosaurs are shown together.  They're
> both about the same size.  So I guess the fantasy here is that there
> is in fact no sexual variation, or whatever.
We can console ourselves that it was at least it in the book (page 162),
along with a bunch of other dinosaur "science".
> And HORNER?  Do you mean that he should have told the effects people
> to make one larger than the other?  Horner is always cited as
> "technical advisor" or similar, but what good has that ever
> done...
DINOSAUR (Starlog Movie Series) article Dinosaurs: Real vs. Reel by
Donald Glut cites a primary reason for movies' paleontological
incorrectness as the producers/directors/SFX peoples' tendency to regard
dinosaurs as "monsters" instead of real animals based on scientific
fact. A bunch of boo-boos are cited, as well as commendable efforts. The
first JURASSIC PARK erred with the T-rex, dilophosaurus, brachiosaurus
and velociraptor. The "monsters" went over big so why change them for
the sequel(s)? I wonder how many people visualize JP versions when they
think of the above species, rather than renditions by more accurate
paleo-artists. Like having a "personable" T-rex, what's to say a
"technical advisor" isn't just "set dressing"? They're invited/hired and
all too often ignored if their visions don't correspond with the
aesthetic taste and dramatic instincts of the director (in this case,
Steven Spielberg). Also, the the film isn't going to be marketed as Jack
Horner's/Bob Bakker's/Peter Larson's/AMNH's/Greg Paul's-whoever-the
(O.K. So paleontologists can't afford to make dinosaur movies the way
they SHOULD be made...) Everyone can feel a little better about the
whole thing:  I remember one comment on the first JURASSIC PARK that I
find particularly appropriate when it comes to movie dinosaurs: "The
dinosaurs were very realistic and the humans weren't bad either." Of
course, that was before Wil Smith set out to "kick some alien butt" and
send summer movies to the next higher (lower?) plane. Good thing he's
not going to be in GODZILLA l998! We'd never be able to "believe" a
science-fiction movie again! ;-}
Gertrude Smith