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tuckr@digital.net wrote:
> > 8.  I am trying to imagine the scene at San Diego City Council when INGEN
> > applies for a permit to import a live adult Tyrannosaurus.....
>     For starters, DinoGeorge would be on hand explaining to the City Fathers 
> that, since Birds Came
> First, they are obliged to grant the request.
>                                          --------------------
>                                              -= Tuck =-
Not if the city codes prohibit both POULTRY and livestock. Next time
keep the critters out in the COUNTRY where quorum court members only
have to concern themselves with such things as landfills, tore up dirt
roads and overfull county jails. And no, the Sheriff Department WILL NOT
hold your T-rex while the City of Weevil postpones your application for
a Second Reading. The HUMANS in the film, yes. Just charge them with
CRIMINAL IMPERSONATION. On second thought, accepting the Rex would solve
the overcrowding problem.....hmmmmmmm....

Gertrude Smith
Flatline County, AR