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Tyrannosaur Gout newspaper articles

 Bruce Rothschild, Ken Carpenter and I published a one page note on
tyrannosaur gout in the May 22 issue of Nature. This prompted much media
attention, I was getting phone calls from London, England and all over
Canada and the USA. This article created quite alot of media interest- much
more than I ever expected. I'm curious to know how much print media coverage
was achieved. I would be grateful if readers could send me photocopies of
any resultant magazine/newspaper articles on our paper with full citation
(newspaper, date, page number).

 My fax number (403) 823-7131.

 Or:  Darren Tanke, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Box 7500, Drumheller, Alberta,
Canada T0J 0Y0.


 Darren Tanke

Darren Tanke
Technician I, Dinosaur Research Program
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology, Box 7500
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. T0J 0Y0
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