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Re: LOST WORLD cynicism

>Here's some examples of what I'm talking about in over-critisizing this
>type of film in an exchange between Ron Orenstein (playing the part of
>uptight cynic) and jeff Poling in the (wait a minute... what about this
>possiblity) open-minded role.

As a writer and amateur actor among other things, I am perfectly well aware
of the concept of suspension of disbelief.  As an opera buff, I can provide
you with dozens of improbabilities I accept quite happily.  And I very much
enjoyed JP1.  I am as fond as any of a good special-effects dazzler - heck,
I even enjoyed (much of) The Fifth Element.

But The Lost World, overall, for all its hyperrealistic dinosaurs, simply
failed to sweep me along with it.  Getting the audience to suspend its
disbelief is, in itself, an art - it is not to be achieved by simply
informing the audience that this is just a story and they have no right to
question its credibility.  And when a film fails to keep me so absorbed
that I either fail to notice its logical flaws or don't care, then it fails
as an example of this genre. 

Mind you, I am comparing it to its predecessor - and I had higher
expectations of Spielberg.  I certainly would not discourage anyone on this
list from going to the film (I would go again, just to watch the
Pachycephalosaurus take out the jeep while the "Bakker" character lectures
on its spinal column).  This is certainly better entertainment value(for
dino-lovers at least) than,say, Independence Day or (shudder) Dragonheart.
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