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Giganotosaurus/T. rex binocular vision

   "The two beasts, which were not likely relatives, also displayed other
differences, [Rodolfo] Coria said.

   "He said the Giganotosaurus' eyes were 'looking at you, like an eagle,'
while the eyes of T. rex were on the side.  The Giganotosaurus also had huge
olfactory bones, indicating a keen sense of smell that it probably relied on
the most, he said."

  I know there is somewhat of a controversy as to whether T. rex had
binocular vision, but at least T. rex had a pinched snout with the orbits at
least partially pointing forward.  As I look at this 2-D picture of the
reconstructed Giganotosaurus skull, it doesn't look pinched at all, and the
orbits appear to face entirely sideways.  What gives?

   Also, I thought T. rex was supposed to have substantial olfactory
capabilities.  Has that opinion changed?

      Basically, are these two comments a screw-up by the article's author,
simply Rodolfo Coria's opinions (not shared by others), or have I missed

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