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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

Rich Travsky wrote:
> On Sat, 24 May 1997, Ronald Orenstein wrote:

> > didn't they shoot the critter with the automatic weapons they were waving
> > all over the place?
> They were shooting, some of them. Pointing backwards as they ran.
> Looked like most got up and ran without their weapons. A more pertinent
> question is why did everyone sleep through the rex's approach and
> mild roaring.

I thought it was made fairly clear that the womens' tent was set up a
little ways from the main flopyard for the men.

> > 9.  INGEN has huge helicopters capable of flying in heavy vehicles.  They
> > have a doped-up T. rex that will only stay under for so long.  So why do
> > they send the critter home by ship???
> The vehicles were shipped as well, most likely. Helicopter ranges
> aren't great enough to go all the way. As for the rex, no doubt they
> wanted to protect it from exposure. I suspect a ship(s) with a helipad,
> tho I noticed a Chinook which is a bit big for this kind of ship.

There are few helicopters that could handle a ten-ton load (eight tons
of T-rex, more or less, and at least a couple of tons of cage).  A
Flying Crane might be able to do it, but OTOH the loads for a Flying
Crane have to be carefully balanced for safety and controllability.  Ten
tons of deadweight at the end of a long, long cable is *not* a load I
would want to carry on a helicopter for any length of time.

That said, some general impressions about the movie: It may sound odd,
but I liked this movie _better_ than the original JP.  For a lot of
reasons.  There was an honest-to-gosh *story*, maybe a simple one, but
more of a story than in JP.  The characters were a little more
interesting (including the dinosaurs).  We saw more dinosaurs, and
better dinosaurs.  The illusion only broke down a few times during the
daylight dino-wrangling scene (which reminded *me* a great deal of
HATARI!).  Other than that, the effects were seamless, substantially
better than the original.  

The dinosaurs were better in another way.  No purist I, and I'm not up
on dino-esoterica, but based on what I know about dinosaurs, these
dinosaurs were dinosaurs the way dinosaurs probably really were.  JP had
dinosaurs the way people have always imagined dinosaurs, kind of
half-animal and half-monster, midway between lions and dragons.  But THE
LOST WORLD's dinosaurs are *animals*, with no "monster" component.  They
look like animals.  They act like animals.  They move like animals.  The
actors deal with them like animals.  There was none of that odd sort of
floating motion that was so characteristic of the CGI dinosaurs in JP. 
The raptors moved with the fluidity typical of real animals.  Real
wolves jumping around atop those cars and such would not have looked any
more natural.    

I loved the raptors hunting in the tall grass, which I think is a very
plausible way for raptors to have hunted.  The only thing I didn't like
about that sequence was the one raptor leaping twenty feet in the air to
attack.  I don't think raptors would have attacked that way, and I don't
think anybody's likely to convince me otherwise. <g>  I did _not_ like
the incredible stupidity of Sarah Harding -- anyone who knows anything
at all about observing wildlife knows that you NEVER EVER EVER get
anywhere NEAR the lair or young of an animal that you're not *totally*
familiar with.  

I liked the dino-wrangling scene, especially with the pachycephalosaur
(which I thought was just about the right size).  I'm curious about the
stegos, too -- my references tend to agree that four meters at the hip
is a bit big for a stego, but certainly plausible.  Not _grossly_
enlarged like the brachiosaur head from JP.  I did get a kick out of the
RB-clone, and I caught a number of the other in-jokes -- the Japanese
tourists running from the T-rex, for example.  I laughed in the right
places, groaned in the right places, and was suitably
shocked-out-of-my-seat in the right places.  It was a grand ride, and
what more can you really ask of a summer action/thriller movie?

All in, all I thought it was good.  Certainly worth seeing.  Maybe worth
seeing again.  

-- JSW