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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

On Sat, 24 May 1997 15:33:19 -0400 Ronald Orenstein <ornstn@inforamp.net>
>6.  Think about the last time you were out on a camping trip in the 
>You needed to take a whiz.  How far away did you walk?  Behind the 
>bush?  A hundred yards off?  Out of sight or hearing of everyone else?
>Halfway across town?
You can go less than 20 feet into a dense forest and be completely turned
around. I think he did go away too far, considering how much cover he had
to conceal himself, but I did not find it implausible in the least for
him to get disoriented like that.  I've done that myself, and in places I
know real well and are less vegetated!

>7.  Our photographer character has been in more than one war zone.  
>not stupid.  He knows his life is at stake.  So what does he do to his
>chief guard's main line of defense?  Takes the bullets out of his gun!
The other stupid thing he and Sarah does is to release the dinosaurs from
their cages.  SHE should have known how irresponsible it was to do that,
because it endangered EVERYONE in the vicinity, not just the "bad guys"
of Ingen.

>9.  INGEN has huge helicopters capable of flying in heavy vehicles.  
>have a doped-up T. rex that will only stay under for so long.  So why 
>they send the critter home by ship???

Yeah, at least a B-52 bomber would've been better, if their copters
couldn't handle the tonnage.

>10.  What on earth was the naval destroyer escort supposed to do?  
>the film's most ludicrous image....

Yeah, looked like "Victory at Sea" stock footage, huh?  But they could've
sunk the ship and made sure the rex was destroyed, I guess, and picked up
the survivors.  It was also a guard against any piracy.  Though, who the
heck would want that kind of trouble?

Judy Molnar
Education Associate, Virginia Living Museum
All questions are valid; all answers are tentative.