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Re: "Lost World" -- errata

Jay Reynolds Freeman wrote:

> Thoughts for another sequel:
>     I still want to see the plot line where a typically professionally
> dedicated field ethologist goes in and gets accepted by the
> _Velociraptor_ pack. That leads to the wonderful reprise and reversal
> on the ending of the first movie, in which raptors rescue humans from
> a _T._rex_'s _antipasto_.  But Steve never returns my calls...  :-)
>                                                  --  Jay Freeman
Sorry, Jay, but the Topps Comic Book people thought of that already. See
JURASSIC PARK: RAPTORS HIJACK. "Doctor Belvedere" can even communicate
with raptors. As for being "good guys", would you settle for them saving
Ellie Satler from other humans? RAPTOR and RAPTORS ATTACK are two other
mini-series Topps did after the movie. There are some interesting ideas
brought to "life" in the comics you might want to check out, just for
the pure fun of it.

Gertrude Smith