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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

>Rich Travsky wrote:

  We saw more dinosaurs, and
>better dinosaurs.  The illusion only broke down a few times during the
>daylight dino-wrangling scene (which reminded *me* a great deal of

        Right.  For the next sequel, they should figure out a way of making
the dinos look sunlit, rather than always seeming to be in a shadow.

>The dinosaurs were better in another way.  No purist I, and I'm not up
>on dino-esoterica, but based on what I know about dinosaurs, these
>dinosaurs were dinosaurs the way dinosaurs probably really were.  JP had
>dinosaurs the way people have always imagined dinosaurs, kind of
>half-animal and half-monster, midway between lions and dragons.  But THE
>LOST WORLD's dinosaurs are *animals*, with no "monster" component.  They
>look like animals.  They act like animals.

        Even the piranha-ish Compys...?

>I loved the raptors hunting in the tall grass, which I think is a very
>plausible way for raptors to have hunted.

        Except in real life it would have been something other than grass.


        "Dammit, Philbert; what kind of a lepidopterist are you?  For god's 
man; stand up to them!"