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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

> > A more pertinent
> > question is why did everyone sleep through the rex's approach and
> > mild roaring.

> I thought it was made fairly clear that the womens' tent was set up a
> little ways from the main flopyard for the men.

I've been in the same situtaion with a bear in Yosemite.  Us kids were
in the tent, My parents were asleep on the ground outside on one side of
the tent.  Mom woke up when the bear started to scratch her butt on the
other side of our puptent.  WE slept through it-Mom was trying to figure
out what to do (SHE noticed the cubs over by the car-SHE realized this
was a Momma bear.)  Eventually the bear wandered off.  Dad also slept
through it.
Now I realize bears are PROBABLY quieter than T rexes, but can we really
be so sure?
> The dinosaurs were better in another way.  No purist I, and I'm not up
> on dino-esoterica, but based on what I know about dinosaurs, these
> dinosaurs were dinosaurs the way dinosaurs probably really were.  

The National Geographic dinosaur special sort of thing?
Well, they still got the stegos too big, the pachys too small, and
everything in that stampede was making the same speed-very wierd that
the little guys weren't getting left behind but could keep up exactly
with the big guys.......

> I loved the raptors hunting in the tall grass, which I think is a very
> plausible way for raptors to have hunted.  

I had a few problems with the way the raptors looked in the overhead
view. the paths encroached on the hikers at exactly the same rate and
speed.  Looked very artificial till we closed in a little and actually
saw the raptors closer up.

> I liked the dino-wrangling scene, especially with the pachycephalosaur
> (which I thought was just about the right size).  

What?  Aren't pachys about 20 feet long?  Or are you thinking of

I liked the rampage through San Diego-very Calvin and Hobbes!  Could see
the whole thing read to one of his dreadful poems.

           Betty Cunningham  
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