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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD errors (REALLY, don't look)

More Lost World errors from alt.movies.visual-effects

Riv wrote:
> Yeah, the CG animators really fell in love with that "head shake" by the
> dinos. The stegosaurs did it, but the T rexes did it almost every time
> they stuck their head into something. Looked good though, gave it animal
> characteristics, but also reminded me of my dog.
> Effects were great, of course, absolutely flawless, but I did notice one
> intsy tinsy little mistake/goof. In the scene where the compys have their
> dinner, there's a shot of them running down a slope in the background
> (behind the actor on the ground in the foreground), pushing all the
> underbrush aside. I just happened to catch sight of a thin wire attached
> to a leaf, bouncing up and down in the light.
> Oops. I wonder if they had artists go back in and "erase" those kind of
> things, and it just got missed, or whether they did a good job on the set
> in that this was the only wire I saw out of how many on how many different
> occasions? Still pretty damn good.
> Woo hoo..
> Gotta see those dino's one more time, get some real scrutinizing in...
> Riv

           Betty Cunningham  
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