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Re: SPOILERS: LOST WORLD Errors (REALLY, don't look)

brucet@mindspring.com (bruce thompson) wrote:

>        Right.  For the next sequel, they should figure out a way of making
>the dinos look sunlit, rather than always seeming to be in a shadow.

I seem to remember most of shots being well-lit. I would suggest that the
very short duration of most shots may be lending to the effect because your
eye wants to linger but it can't.

The only flaws I notice are when they don't get the movement just right and
the action doesn't seem quite real. This happened during the herding scenes
with the jeep. It is incredibly difficult to animate the animals dynamic
actions and they did a fantastic job. but they didn't do a perfect job. I
think some of the smaller animals movements should have been quicker and
jerkier. Their movements seemed to smooth to be a natural animal. I'm
thinking of the Gallimimus in the herding scene. Some of the Compy footage,
although most of it was absolutely fantastic.

What incredibly dynamic effects! Long live Stan Winston Studios and ILM!!