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About Spielberg

Hi there.

I've following with interest the discussions pro and con about The Lost
World. What really amazes me is that nobody seems to get a grip on what
Spielberg is all about... There's not a hint in all these discussions about
the ideology and psychology behind all Spielberg's work.
I haven't seen the movie, but as I read through the comments it is exactly
what you can expect after a good market research following the Jurassic
Park blockbuster.
Yes, we all drooled watching those dinosaurs coming alive, but I still
could see good old Jehova and his biblical anger every time T. rex showed
its scary face. The same way Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was dismantled to
appease every good  American's fear of Science, Jurassic Park led us into
how bad it really is to try to know too much about 'god's work' (and worst,
do something about it). Obviously, I'm not discovering anything (I suppose
any reader of S.J. Gould can understand).
But I think that's the main reason of the 'monster syndrome'. I've read
that Michael Trcic, a great sculptor responsible for some of the best work
in Jurassic Park was under pressure to take away some of the scientific
accuracy of the animals by Spielberg himself, in order to look more scary
or 'Godzilla-like' (note the almost boxed skull of T.rex). At the same
time, 'Velociraptors' needed false hands to open doors. Showing their hands
like they really were: restricted to a basic avian folding mechanism
(clawed wings I call them) would not be so popular!. And these are just a
couple of examples...There are a lot more, and I expect a lot more in the
new Lost World.

Spielberg's movies are basically just modern links in the long chain of
mass production of sexually inadecuate children that is so essential to
American (and World) culture: heavy sedation by sanitized violence, special
effects, sublimized sexuality, Walt Disney and Bible-thumping. 'Good clean
fun' and with a message.
What is relevant about them is the fact that he has the money to pay a
wonderful team of technical wizards that can recreate all sort of  marvels
through a computer. Nothing else.
Let's not fool ourselves. Enjoying the dinosaurs technically is one
thing... But defending or justifying (even more, scientifically defending
or justifying) Spielberg's movies is something different altogether. I'm
all for cynicism and criticism about pseudo-science... Even if it is not a
crowd pleasing attitude.

Regards... Luis Rey.

Luis Rey

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