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Dave Hardenbrook wrote:

> Why don't they take all those great dinosaur effects they can do and make
>a   > movie of _Dinotopia_?  Such a film, I think, could serve to both
>present       > dinosaurs in a favorable rather than nightmarish light,
>and would also be     > suitable for children...

to which kel replied:

> It's on the way, Dave.  Originally, Linda Wolverton (Beauty & the Beast)
> was writing the screenplay.  Now it's passed on to other able hands.
> But it will not be "animated" as in cartoon.  It will be computer
> generated and, according to Jim Gurney, it will be incredible.  At least
> two years away from theaters, but in the works.

When I was out in Burbank back in March, I heard that the project had been
shelved, perhaps permanently, because it was deemed too costly to produce.
This may, of course, just be a rumor, but unless someone has concrete
evidence to the contrary, I would tend to trust my sources.

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)