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Post K-T non-avian dinosaurs (was K-T selection event)

Judy Molnar wrote:

> Lots of angiosperms made it across, so why didn't herbivorous dinosaurs
> too?  Omnivorous mammals also made it across.  I would guess if any small
> dinosaurs existed during the late Cretaceous, they would 've eaten
> insects, a very nice, high source of protein that other reptiles take
> advantage of today.  I'm sure there were some small pterosaurs that also
> were insect eaters.

I've often wondered if there was any chance that dinosaurs (other 
than birds) did in fact hang on in certain locations post K-T, in 
terrain totally unsuitable for fossilization?   I'm not talking 
Nessie here, folks.  Has this been discussed at all?