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JurassiCon News

There have been some developments in regards to JurassiCon, the
Southeastern Dinosaur Convention of 1998:

1.) JurassiCon now has a site and date.  The event will be held at the
Howard Johnson Midtown (formerly the Castlegate Hotel) in Atlanta, and
will occur June 5-7, 1998. JurassiCon will occupy almost all of the
hotel, with over 15,000 sq.ft. of exhibit and meeting space for it's use.

2.) JurassiCon now has a web page: http://www.esosoft.com/evolution. 
Special thanks to Mr. Thom Quinn of the Evolutionary Theory Home Page for
his assistance in establishing our new web site!  I hope everyone will
check it out!

3.) Recent and Upcoming Events: 

Representatives from JurassiCon spent the weekend (ALL of it!) at a local
theater to promote the event.  JurassiCon was on-site at the AMC Colonial
18 theater in Lawrencville, Georgia with our exhibit and an assortment of
displays for the public to see and experience.  Visitors to our booth
could hold and examine fossil replicas, view informative graphics/videos
about dinosaurs, and gather up free information about other dinosaur
contacts.  Included in our hand-outs were Dinosaur Society catalogs,
brochures for several southeastern museums, various dinosaur magazines,
as well as JurassiCon informational flyers, among other things.  We had
lots of fun and the activity seemed to be a big success with the public! 

Our next promotion, and likely one of our largest, will be at Dragon*Con,
a VERY large science fiction convention held in Atlanta in June, 1997. 
This convention draws an estimated 15,000 people.  We hope anyone who
will be in attendance at Dragon*Con will stop by and say hello - we would
love to meet fellow dinosaur enthusiasts.

Anyone wishing to be put on the JurassiCon mailing list can contact us

P.O. Box 98308
Atlanta, Georgia 30359


William Bevil
JurassiCon 1998