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Even more comments on JP--The Lost World

You wrote: 
>1.) OK, so Sarah Harding has been studying "predators" for years and
>"knows what she's doing", right?  If that's the case, will someone please
>tell me why she hung that bloody jacket out to dry in the wind like
>that?!?!?  I think the most annoying aspect of this error was that it
>wasn't even necessary! 

It was FOR the plot. 

>2.) I assume we can all agree that Pteranodon was capable of flying or
>gliding great distances?  How do they plan to keep the island isolated
>when there are beasties that can so easily get off of it?
After seeing the movie again, I can say, that the Pteranodon is really 
incorretly done. I was going to write what's wrong with it, but I'll keep that 
under my hat for the Prehistoric Times article that I'm going to write.

For extra credit, name the artist and what painting he did that is hanging 
behind Ian when he's talking to Hammond in his room.

For extra, extra credit, how many times did the painting change, and which 
one's are they?

In the boat house, that was cousin IT from the Adams Family.

Now I don't have to see Speed II.


PS. The biggest movie that JP LW made reference to was, the Lost World. 
(Challenger, etc.)