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Lost World : I Liked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kmh wrote:

> Okay, all your pros --- here's your chance to be heard.  I want to
> write
> an article for one of the major "entertainment" rags about what REAL
> paleo science has to say about THE LOST WORLD, good and bad.  So do
> me a
> favor, if you're willing to be quoted.  After you see the film (and
> lets
> face it, most of you will see it twice) write a brief paragraph
> about
> the BEST and the WORST you witnessed.  And forward it to me.  I'll
> write
> it up, submit and let you know when and where it will be once
> accepted.
> And trust me, it will be accepted.  You guys are the BEST.
> Thanks in advance.  This is gonna be fun.
> *kel
> girl dino writer


My 2 Cents worth is as follows......

While there were some problems in the way the dinosaurs were depicted
and shown in the movie, the movie also depicted dinosaurs in a lot more
realistic (according to our present conceptions of these dinosaurs)
light than the movie Jurrassic Park.  I (as a computer programmer) can
relate to the difficulties in the animatronics/other effects done in the
movie, and I was amazed it was done as well as it was.  We should also
take into account that Hollywood did this movie, not a series of

I really loved the scenes where the "second team" came in because it
showed the dangers of creating any species of animal or beast.  The best
depiction of this was where they were hearding the beasts with vehicles.

I thought all in all the movie was well done, even though it wasn't
exactly a  perfect depiction of the dinosaurs.

If you really want to criticize something, hit the education system and
their lack of real education in the Paleontology field.

Lee Wissmiller
Student in Applied Computer Science
Illinois State University

All opinions expressed are my own and do not represent in any way the
University or ACS departments.