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George wrote..

> Anybody notice that INGEN might have been named after the oviraptorid
> _Ingenia_? Mere coincidence, right?

It's gotta be. I'm guessing that Crichton thought up the name (and this he did
for JP the book) as it sounded about right for a company that dabbles in
genetics. Derived perhaps from the words 'Involved/In' and 'Genes/Genetics'?
Rather more likely than the possibility that Crichton knows his

I note elsewhere that the name _Compsognathus triassicus_ was used in LW. Note
that in JP the book, the procompsognathid back-end sent to the lab and seen in
X-ray by Grant is identified by him as an 'amassicus', rather than a
'triassicus'. What the hell is _Procompsognathus amassicus_? It's a made-up
name and _C. triassicus_ is another (_Procompsognathus triassicus_ and
_Comsognathus longipes_ are the correct names). Indeed, why bother with real
names at all - the bit where the _Drysauruspops_ crashes into the jeep sounds
good (true aficionados will know where I got that name from).

Oh >sigh<.... and I really wanted to see a chameleonic carnotaur....

"What say you good people?"
"Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!"