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Hi all.

WHO is responsible for the idea that the 'new' Moroccan _Spinosaurus_ (_S.
moroccanus_ (sp?)) had no sail? I have been led to believe that Dale Russell
actually stated this as a fact in his paper on the animal (and, Tracy, haven't
I seen a reconstruction of yours in a _Skullduggery_ article of '_Spinosaurus_
B' with no sail?), but in a recent communication with him I learnt that he has
actually seen high-spined _Spinosaurus_ vertebrae coming from Moroccan rocks.
Accordingly, he said that there is no reason to imagine the Moroccan spinosaur
as a low-spined _Baryoynx_-like theropod. 

So, is this an error of misinterpretation that can be traced back to the primary
literature, or should I ignore what I hear informally from friends and
colleagues? Silly question really...;-)

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