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Okay, I'm going to join the pile-on here, throw in my my comments about
LW and slink away like a pseudo-Deinonychus.....

Overall I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first one. There seemed to
be qa definite lack of a sense of wonder and general coolness about them
that was present in the first film and that this was much more of a
visceral, popcorn-oriented monster movie. The idea of a totally
undisturbed preserve could have made for some neat observation scenes.

I also thought wqe didn't get to see enough of them that weren't wearing
their special ILM motion-blur suits. And (of course), there weren't
of them period... :)

Nitpicking:(Which you can skip if you want, since a lot of people have
said the same thing already probably):

1. They actually let the T-Rex's do the wishbone thing with one of the
characters. I was surprised this made it past the cutting room floor. 
I'm not one for gratuitous violence, but hey, if you're going to include 
dangerous, flesh-eating dinosaurs in your movie, its good to see he wasn't
reduced to a proper table setting or anything.

2. The pachycephalosaurus seemed too small, and the stego was definitely
way too big. The one @ DMNH is only about 1/2, maybe a 1/3 as high. My
favorite scene is still probably when the pachy totalled the jeep just as
the Bakker analogue was explaining about it.  

3. The baby Rex seemed a little too trim. This may be right or wrong(I
don't suppose there are any fossils of juveniles are there?) but I was
expecting something more along the lines of GON(great Steve, just go ahead
and compare one fiction to another....) He just seemed to come in "a
convenient carrying size" a bit too much for me....

Blunders,References, and other general commentary:

---Why does Sarah, predator naturalist extraordinaire, continue to wear
her bloodied vest throughout the film? I know other people have picked on
things, buts this seemed to be the biggest glaring error in the whole film
to me. Corollary/Followup question:Why doesn't Kraven The Hunter rip it
off her back when she says it has baby rex blood on it?

---Anybody besides me catch the "Alien 3" reference when they were under
the waterfall re:Sarah and the T.Rex/Ripley and The Alien?

---Not only can Raptors open doors, but they can dig too? *sigh* I'll be
expecting them to be capable of doing a softshoe for #3.......

---Shouldn't the ship have taken out more of the dock given the speed it 
was approaching at?

---I really did expect to see "raptors" on board the ship when they found
it deserted after crashing into the dock. Given the size (and weight) of
the T-Rex. I would expect him to capsize or otherwise
damage-to-the-point-of-sinking any ship of that size that he happened to
be prancing about after hors'd'ouevres on...

There are tons of others, but just aboueverybody else has mentioned them,
so I'll knock off for now.

And yes, like others out there, 2 hours of nothing but dinos would have
suited me just fine! :)