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Re: Spoilers: Lost World species question

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Jeff Poling wrote:

>    When I saw Lost World it struck me that the frill was wrong on
> _Triceratops_.  It struck me as being elongated, sort of rectangular shaped,
> rather than being the circular shape of _Triceratops_.  Could this instead
> have been _Chasmosaurus_, or was I hallucinating and the frill was indeed
> circular.

Well, I've seen it twice already and there is definitely a nasal horn
right about where it should be for Triceratops and the
premaxillary/predentary structures seem to be too small for
CHasmosaurus(I'm looking at "The Horned Dinosaurs" by Dodson and "The
Dinosauria"). Perhaps its (like many) a Chimera spielbergensis?