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LW Observations

        Wow! You guys are so observant! I can't believe all the details cited
from this movie on the list.
        I wondered why they didn't have the parasaurolophus make a resonating
bellow when it was trapped. I was waiting for it.
        The last scene was THE BEST. Large pterosaurs picking off people (like
TRUE raptors with field mice) would have been great.  Oh well.
        All in all, the dinosaurs were far more believable than the people in
this movie. They sure acted better. I was disappointed but it was a fun movie.
Unfortunatly, it's hard to ride the wave when your busy wondering why things are
happening and how people could be so unbelievably DUMB. Neat animals, lousy

P.S. I can't believe no one mentioned Arnold starring in William Shakespear's
King Lear. Did you miss that?!?