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Re: *Spoilers* TH comments on LW-JP

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> Pachycephalosaurus: yes, too small.  Right size for some of the other
> pachycephalosaurids, though.
> Triceratops: I want to see more of it, dammit!  Did anyone catch if ILM is
> taking a position on upright vs. semisprawling vs. sprawling?  Must check
> again when I see the movie next time.

Betty may want to contest me on this(She's the only other CG-based person
I've seen on this list, and BTW Betty, are you planning on being at
SIGGRAPH this year?), but based on my own animation experience, upright is
a lot easier to animate/manipulate, so I would guess upright. Doing a
sprawling/semi-sprawl posture would require that just about every joint in
the limbs be a 3D joint(i.e. ball-n-socket) in the IK skeleton of the
model. If anybody could do that and get it to come out smoothly and
effectively, ILM can, but I wouldn't wish it on too many other people...

I'll ask them when I see them in LA in August if its not deduced before