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Re: dino camps

kmh wrote:
> Okay, this is another girl writer "trivial" posting, so forgive me in
> advance, but how many of YOU museum connected have dino camp programs
> like Lenore Adler mentioned at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History?
> I'd love to try and write a piece for kids about dino camps.
> Thanks in advance.
> *kel

You already wrote a short piece on our dino camp ( 1-800-344-3466 for 

        By the way, I saw Lost World and as a dinosaurologist, I thought 
it was hugely better and much more acurate than the first movie of the 
book. Other then the too big Stegos, scientific aspects with areas of 
disagreement areas that the science is not in agreement on. And you can 
quote me.

Jim K.