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About Spielberg, THE LOST WORLD and bitter people.

Luis Rey wrote via Mickey Rowe:

>thing... But defending or justifying (even more, scientifically defending
>or justifying) Spielberg's movies is something different altogether. I'm
>all for cynicism and criticism about pseudo-science... Even if it is not a
>crowd pleasing attitude.

No! No! No! No! No! I'm all for cynicism?!! What are you saying?!! Anyone
who would promote cynicism as a healthy response is clearly suffering from
some sort of soul-sickness.

Since when is a movie pseudo-science? IT'S A MOVIE!!!! Cynics of the world,
please get this through your Pachycephalosaur-thick heads!!!

>I've following with interest the discussions pro and con about The Lost
>World. What really amazes me is that nobody seems to get a grip on what
>Spielberg is all about... There's not a hint in all these discussions about
>the ideology and psychology behind all Spielberg's work.

One thing that really amazes me is how much people believe their own B.S.
and how they talk with absolute authority on people whom they've never met
and only know through a jaded media. One thing's for sure. You know nothing
of Spielberg or his work. You sure think you do. But you don't. The idea or
psychology behind his work is simple, "see the movie through the audiences
eyes" In other words, if he was an audience member this is what he would
like to see. These are his words and he's not an over-analytical cynic. He
can be taken at his word. Anyone else who feels there is more to it is
simply reading too much into it.

>But I think that's the main reason of the 'monster syndrome'. I've read
>that Michael Trcic, a great sculptor responsible for some of the best work
>in Jurassic Park was under pressure to take away some of the scientific
>accuracy of the animals by Spielberg himself, in order to look more scary
>or 'Godzilla-like' (note the almost boxed skull of T.rex)

That's not true.

>I haven't seen the movie, but as I read through the comments it is exactly
>what you can expect after a good market research following the Jurassic
>Park blockbuster.

If you haven't seen the movie then don't comment on it. Also, the
market-research comment (it's all about money) is another popular myth held
by the cynic that the only reason anybody does anything is to grab a pile
of money. Paleontologists surely don't do their work for this reason. And
neither does Spielberg.

Look, if I had my choice, JURASSIC PARK and THE LOST WORLD would be Ridley
Scott films not Steven Spielberg films. But they're not, they're Spielberg
films and while they may be the old cliff-hanger cliche with a dash of
Disney and too much concern for political correctness, they are still a
fantastic experience. On the positive non-cynical side, they are damn good
movies for what they are, so...

STOP RAINING on the parade, STOP WHINING that things didn't turn out just
perfect, STOP PONTIFICATING condescendingly, STOP CHARACTERIZING people you
don't know as superficially motivated by pure greed and STOP COMPLAINING
like a spoiled child about what is essentially a gift to society.

Rufusing to wallow in negativity or allowing it to matasticize,