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Re: About Spielberg

OK, my Spielberg bone of contention:

The graphics are amazing.  His directing is the best.  He has his pick of 
talent.  So why go the way of Mortal Kombat with the massive violence?  I know 
it sells, and that dinos aren't a particularly pastoral topics (with the 
exception of non-kicking herbivores), but the reviews so far indicate that LW 
makes JP look like 'it's a small world'.

I'm saving all the spoiler posts in anticipation of when LW hits video.  Then 
my much-braver husband and sister can fast forward through the parts that will 
give me nightmares.

Maybe Dinotopia will be the fix for me.  Cool dino-models and compu-dinos. 
Minimal carnage.   I also can't wait for the paloe-debates - "Riding 
Triceratops, side-saddle, or English style?"
                - In Peace,     SarahAnne  (dino-voyeur)