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Mr. Lazarus Spielberg

Hi there again.

It seems that I have double-spoiled some expectatives of one or two of our
sensitive, blessed children... Bless them anyway!

I would like to clarify a couple of things though:

1.- Michael Trcic  comments about his work in Jurassic Park can be found in
"Prehistoric Times" No. 19 (I think all of us should subscribe to such a
good magazine!) through a direct interview (Where he recognizes that he
achieved after a bit of a struggle a T. rex that was about 60 % accurate).
I hope Steven Lazarus is not calling him a liar too.

2.- I don't characterize people without motive... I just analize products
and its contents. And I DO know Spielberg's work. Every movie that
Spielberg has done is profoundly suspect and with a very specific
manipulation of the spectator's senses, sentimentality and general
psychology. Masterful some say. Perhaps it is fulfilling American's
cultural expectations. Not mine. That doesn't mean that I will not enjoy
the work of the fine artists and computer wizards that work for him.

3.- This is not bitterness or whinning. We are talking about supposedly
extinct real animals inside a Science Fiction movie, not chimeras or
'relics' or aliens.
As Paleontologists we have all the right to (as someone wisely said)
'deconstruct' and analize the object of our profession or interest. Not
only that, but actually enjoy doing it!

We should encourage the ability of stop our brains from working for a while
and enjoy the show... But only for a while.

A final message to Mr. Lazarus: Santa Claus is mum and dad (Stephen Jay
Gould says so)... And Stegosaurus is not the size of a Sauropod and
Velociraptors can't open doors: they are actually oversized chickens! etc.
etc. Have fun!

Regards. Luis Rey.

Luis Rey

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