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In a message dated 97-05-27 18:26:21 EDT, dwn194@soton.ac.uk (Darren Naish)

<< The same does **NOT** go for any of the tetrapod clades that so often have
 theorised back to life. They are typically large animals with good fossil
 records that undergo fairly regular extinctions and don't do a Lazarus.
 Dinosaurs, marine reptiles etc etc etc are simply _not_ comparable with
 coelacanths or tuataras or Woolemi pines or horseshoe crabs or etc etc etc.
 to put it another way '_Latimeria_ is a red herring' (I've already
 that so don't use it;-)).  >>

Most Jurassic and all Cretaceous dinosaurs are Lazarus taxa, since the
Aalenian stage of the Jurassic has yielded very few if any dinosaur remains
of any kind. Going just by the fossil record, dinos apparently became extinct
at the onset of the Aalenian and returned from extinction when it closed.
Approximate during of this stage, basal Middle Jurassic: 173.5-178 Ma.