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Re:SPOILER Lost World errors

> From:          brucet@mindspring.com (bruce thompson)

>         At the ending "peacable kingdom" scene, the stego family saunters
> right past the T-rex family.  No, so far as movie plotting goes, we no
> longer live in the age of verisimilitude.

I think this *is* verisimilitude!  How often have you watched African 
animal documentaries in which lions saunter straight through a herd 
of animals without so much as a twitch from the herd?  I myself have 
seven times.  I'm sure that, like lions,  tyrannosaurids didn't spend 
*all* of their time rushing around killing things, even if they 
were cranky with "the gout."

Hey, maybe a stegosaur wouldn't know what a tyrannosaur *was*, 
anyway.  :)  Or maybe the stegosaurs were distracted wondering about 
the flight pattern of those pteranodons.