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Re: K-T selection event

Judy Molnar suggests "... we can't just focus on one set of ecosystems and
ignore the rest, because they are all linked.", and Jon Woolf queries, "Are
they? I'm not so sure...".  I have to agree with Jon, here... while it seems
that the K-T extinction happens "all at once", I would remind readers that it
occured over a lengthy period of time... lengthier than the existence of man,
perhaps (depending on one's view of events prior to the infamous
extinction)... in any event, let's remember that 'geologic' time [GT] is a
tad less exacting than 'human real time [HRT]', and while an event may seem
to occur at a "point" in geologic time, a WHOLE LOTTA shakin' may have been
goin' on in that same time frame.  This isn't to ignore the significance of
the proximity of events, but merely to note that there is sufficient time to
allow for several events, and related causes, to have been in play at the

For what it's worth...

Wayne A. Bottlick.