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Re: Herbivore protection

Actually, the issue we were tossing about (understand, I'm the rank amatuer
in this discussion, and I'll not be usurped! ;-)) stemmed from a
disproportionately low fossil representation of T.'s to Hadrosaurs.  Breeding
"...like bunnies.", while an admirable triat, would not explain this
disproportion since, as noted in earlier posts, any growth in an available
food source will result in a proportionate growth in predators (vis a vis the
aforementioned food source)...  and we're talking lengthy time frames, so one
would expect a balancing out...

In any event, I don't think anyone (in the discussion thus far) has drawn a
conclusion or adhered to a position here, just bantering about the

All comments accepted, and, as I've read elsewhere, "...all opinions subject
to change without notice..."

Wayne A. Bottlick.