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Re: K-T selection event

On Mon, 26 May 1997 jamolnar@juno.com wrote:


> But my problem with all of these musings is that we can't just ignore the
> extinctions in the air and the sea.  There was so many extinctions going
> on all over, we can't just focus on one set of ecosystems and ignore the
> rest, because they are all linked.  It wasn't until years after all the
> deforestation went on during the Vietnam war that people realized the
> connection between the deforestation and the changes in the
> monsoon/flooding cycles and the offshore fishing.  It's hard enough
> discovering and understanding the linkages between systems today -- to do
> so for the Mesozoic will take tons of detective work.

I saw some program that examined the relationship with the decline of
coniferous trees and the rise of deciduous trees to the extinction of the
dinosaurs. This might be considered a "deforestation" event of sorts, and
may not only have been the result of climatic changes, but may have
had a major impact on climate as well.  A kind of "positive feedback"
system leading to the demise of many species.



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