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Re: Herbivore protection

Brian's query "Might it not be possible that quadrepedal hadrosaurs could
simply outrun bipedal theropods over long distances?" is, as far as I'm
concerned, as valid as any other speculation... 'tho no more valid, I would
posit, per the fossil record, than any I suggested regarding the
disproportion between T. Rexes and Hadrosaurs which  Rob Meyerson and I were
discussing at the beginning of this thread.  Remember, please, that this
discussion was predicated upon the opinion (not mine, 'tho I can't counter
it) that Hadrosaurs were not fast enough to outrun T. Rexes.  Discard this,
and the discussion ends.  On the other hand, there seems to be support for
the argument that Hadrosaurs were NOT fleet-footed, and there is, of course,
support for both swift and sedentary T. Rexes... Rob leans toward the swift
version, and is thus compelled to find an excuse (er... I mean,
explanation...) for how the two-left-footed-hadrosaurs eked out an existence
over the apparently lengthy time period in which they appear in the fossil
record...  (all seemingly derogatory commentary is intended purely in the
interest of amusement....;-).

In any event, I would again posit simply that there may be circumstances
which existed that we cannot know from the fossil record...   and speculation
as to what these circumstances may have been is the only alternative we are
left.  Endurance is at least as good as poisonous skin, smelly anterior, and
simple bad-taste.

PS - since Rob is on 'sabbatical' with respect to this list for the summer, I
feel compelled to remind you that any interpretation of his perspective by me
is subject to error, but I assure you, it is without malice...

Wayne A. Bottlick.