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Pachycephalosaurus size--LW

>At 11:02 AM 5/27/97 -0700, The Armadillo with the Mask wrote:
>>2. The pachycephalosaurus seemed too small
>   Quite a few people have picked on this one, so I have a question:  what
>did I miss that said this was an adult _Pachycephalosaurus_?

Ok, my two cents worth on this one. There is NOTHING wrong with an animal being 
smaller than what is known. I could be a juvenile or young adult, what ever. We 
KNOW they grew, and how big they grew, so small is not a prob

To BIG is a problem, it's those darn stegosaurus. And what about the changeing 
size of the Tyrannosaurus? We know how big it's feet are, but howed it grow to 
a size that could cover a human laying down? Then shrink back d