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Re: *Spoilers* TH comments on LW-JP

The Armadillo with the Mask wrote:
> > Triceratops: I want to see more of it, dammit!  Did anyone catch if ILM is
> > taking a position on upright vs. semisprawling vs. sprawling?  Must check
> > again when I see the movie next time.
> Betty may want to contest me on this<snip> but based on my own animation 
> experience, upright is
> a lot easier to animate/manipulate, so I would guess upright. Doing a
> sprawling/semi-sprawl posture would require that just about every joint in
> the limbs be a 3D joint(i.e. ball-n-socket) in the IK skeleton of the
> model. 

After breaking through a tent wall, the animal ran through the campsite
and at one point overran a fire (VERY NICE bit, by the way!) and it
screeched to a halt, spun in place, and  bounded off in another
direction.  I'd say during that sequence it didn't sprawl.
In addition, the containers were all customized for each animal and the
Triceratops had vertical sides not trapezoidal sides-for what it's
I can state this with certainty because it's some of the few bits of
preproduction art I saw through final stages.
(also got to see a lot of the cars-NICE horsepower in those Mercedes,
(kinda nice how they managed that metal contraption for WHICHEVER adult
T rex they planned on catching, now wasn't it?)

Ball and socket joints are the major bane of CG.  Engineers keep
designing the tools for hinge joints.

>and BTW Betty, are you planning on being at SIGGRAPH this year?)
don't do SIGGRAPH-I get the same dog-and-pony show at E3 (Atlanta in
June for God's sakes!), and don't have to listen to the programmers show
           Betty Cunningham  
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