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upcoming conference (fwd)

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Hello All,

I received this for posting, but the full post is pretty large.  I am
therefore posting only the initial part (the general description).
If any interested persons want me to forward the full announcement to them
privately, they can contact me privately.




Subject: Digital Burgess Conference Announcement

Some members of The PaleoAnthro List may be interested in the following
small conference the Contact Consortium is organizing for this summer up
in the Canadian Rockies..

Conference: Digital Burgess
Place/Dates: Banff Alberta Canada, Aug 29-Sept 1
Themes: Origins of life, mass extinction, digital tools used in research
in evolution, digital ecosystems, digital life

Speakers: Richard Dawkins, Tom Ray, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, Douglas
Adams, Steve Grand, Chris Winter, William Riedel, Mark Rudolph and many

Special Events: guided hike to the Burgess Shale
Registration is limited, see details below or visit the conference website
at http://www.biota.org.



Matt Fraser
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