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Re: Herbivore protection

In a message dated 97-05-27 23:39:00 EDT, Wabandco writes:

<< a disproportionately low fossil representation of T.'s to Hadrosaurs.
 Breeding "...like bunnies.", while an admirable triat, would not explain
this disproportion since, as noted in earlier posts, any growth in an
available food source will result in a proportionate growth in predators (vis
a vis the aforementioned food source)...  and we're talking lengthy time
frames, so one would expect a balancing out... >>

Good point!  I still think that hadrosaurs probably had no need for elaborate
protection mechanisms such as an extremely nasty flavor when standard herding
behavior and large egg clutches would serve them quite nicely.  However, as
you pointed out, my comment flew a little wide of the central argument!  :)

Has there been any discussion of the possibility of poor T-Rex representation
in the fossil record vis-a-vis hadrosaurs due to a combination of the "Why
Big, Fierce Animals are Rare" thesis and the probability that T-Rexes were
not prone to travelling in immense family groups and thus were unlikely to be
caught in mass "graveyards" such as some of the hadrosaur bonebeds?
 (Although that may not be valid, statistically speaking...I'm not up on my
number crunching.)

Let me know and thanks for the reply!