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LOST WORLD is a jungle movie

I've seen LW twice now, and I now understand the haunting sense of
familiarity I felt the first time around. Spielberg is well known for his
tributes to (ripoffs of?) various film genres. LW is a '50s jungle movie,
complete with noble critters that just want to be left alone, and noble and
venal hunters. The noble hunters live, the venal ones become prey. 

JP, by contrast, was more original in form. Where LW has macho blood and
guts, JP had childlike wonder. The musical scores reflect this - I think
that's one reason Williams' LW score is unsatisfying, as he's better at
wonder music than macho music.

Re: the hand in the wheelhouse of SS VENTURE - Goldblum asks one of the crew
"are there any other dinosaurs on this boat?" in meaningful fashion - the
answer is no, but I wasn't convinced - after all, the guy giving the answer
was part of the gang of idiots that brought the T-rex to Southern Cali. But
could be a red herring. I kind of like the Cousin It suggestion.<GRIN>

400 miles from San Diego to Costa Rica? I don't think so!

David Portree