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Re: About Spielberg, THE LOST WORLD and bitter people.

THE LOST WORLD is a surrealistic movie.

The Armadillo with the Mask <armadilo@daft.com> wrote:

>"...Realism is often called cynicism by those who have not got
>it..."---Somebody  who's buried deep in my .sig collection.

THE LOST WORLD is a surrealistic movie.

I have a long history in philosophy and theoretical physics so the whole
"reality" issue, in my opinion, is open to quite a bit more of a debate
than would be appropriate here...

THE LOST WORLD is a surrealistic movie. It's concept is to go beyond
realism. To take reality and turn it up about ten notches. It steps
out-of-bounds on purpose. It's allowed to because anything can happen in
art whereas in this cause and effect, stimulus-response, predator-based
world we've created, it can't. But in art, we can re-write reality if we
want. Like it or not. You can argue with Picasso that his paintings suck
because they don't look anything like what real people look like. But
what's the point? I know this is a damn difficult concept for left brainers
to comprehend. My advice: don't be at war with the right brain. Both can
co-exist. We need both the left brain and the right brain...

>I think you are confusing cynicism with a healthy and robust skepticism
>Given the inevitable spin the popular media puts on just about any subject
>these days, particularily science, all in the name of "punching up their
>lines", I'm skeptical and examining of everything they put in front of me,
>particularily when it comes to scientific matters.

To complain that the people who've made this movie have had bad motives for
purposely getting things wrong IS a cynical point of view. And it's a wrong
point of view which is why I protest so loudly. It's an unnecessary
attitude and it's inaccurate.

Skepticism? What is there to be skeptical about? THE LOST WORLD is not a
paper being presented to the world for peer review. It's a movie! Turn down
the volume on the left brain for a couple of hours and then turn it back up
again when you leave the theater. It seems to me you're referring to the
news media. A skeptical attitude is definitely a healthy attitude when
dealing with the news media. They are the real guilty ones in twisting the
reality they're supposedly reporting on, BUT, THE LOST WORLD is a movie and
not part of the news media. It should not be lumped in that overall media
category. News should not be art. But movies should be art.

People, it CAN be a beautiful world! You can lose the cynicism and the
negativity WITHOUT losing your ability to distinguish between fact and
fantasy. Everything has its place. Let's make heaven on Earth!

Long live real dinosaurs and reel dinosaurs!!!