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Re: Mr. Lazarus Spielberg

Ah, the british can be such a tiresome lot...

luisrey@ndirect.co.uk (luisrey) wrote:

>As Paleontologists we have all the right to (as someone wisely said)
>'deconstruct' and analize the object of our profession or interest. Not
>only that, but actually enjoy doing it!

You can say anything you damn well please, but you're criticising a movie
like it's a paper being submitted for peer review. Seems kind of silly to

>I don't characterize people without motive... I just analize products
>and its contents. And I DO know Spielberg's work. Every movie that
>Spielberg has done is profoundly suspect and with a very specific
>manipulation of the spectator's senses, sentimentality and general

My point is that it's an unfair and incorrect characterization. And you're
analysis of the "product" is biased.

I don't know Mr. Spielberg well, BUT, I have met him, AND, I'm very closely
associated with some of the people who work closely with him. SO, I can
bare witness to the fact that he is not poorly motivated as the cynical
characterizations would have you believe.

>I don't characterize people without motive.

Well, what is your motive for characterizing him such as you have? And how
do you feel about being wrong? And are you capable of realizing that your
view needs revising?

Personally, I'm not completely enamored with the Spielberg movie formula. I
would prefer Ridley Scott's approach for JP and THE LOST WORLD. But, I'm
not going to throw the baby out with the bath water. The movies are still
great for what they are!!!

>This is not bitterness or whinning. We are talking about supposedly
>extinct real animals inside a Science Fiction movie, not chimeras or
>'relics' or aliens.

Well, it sure sounds like bitterness and whining and condescension...

>A final message to Mr. Lazarus: Santa Claus is mum and dad (Stephen Jay
>Gould says so)... And Stegosaurus is not the size of a Sauropod and
>Velociraptors can't open doors: they are actually oversized chickens! etc.
>etc. Have fun!

I, myself, have been Santa Claus on occasion. And in this case Mr.
Spielberg is Santa Claus. He, and everyone on the JP, LOST WORLD team have
given us a christmas present in May. Maybe you didn't get exactly the
present you were hoping for, but to keep pissing and moaning and crying
about it makes you sound like a spoiled child.

Battling the human-ego-monster-syndrome with a cracked mirror,

"If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly

-Obi-Wan Kenobi

"Reality is not a 44-long"

-Micheal Chrichton