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Ok, I guess it's my turn to chime in on The Lost World.  I am only going to
say things though that haven't been said before (I hope).

1) Theropods, theropods, theropods.....  Why do these animals that account
for maybe 4% of the dino fossil record get about 80% of this movie?  Come on,
what about ornithopods (I am not showing bias either!)?  Come on.... all we
get is _Parasaurolophus_ (and a bad _P_ at that) for about 10 seconds of
film...  Come on, in book 1 we at least get to deal with _Hypsilophodon_ and
_Othnielia_ (how that boy identified _Othnielia_ from a distance is beyond
me... a task even more difficult than identifying _Gallimimus_ I'd think).
 Anyways... as I was saying, there should have been more non-theropods,
they're cooler and just as scary as any theropod.

2) Was it just me, or was that baby _T. rex_ way too big?  How old did they
say it was?  A few days?  Weeks?  It was as big as a full grown emu for god's
sake!  Come on... even though those Chinese eggs that are perported to belong
to _T. baatar_ are the biggest dino eggs known (I am estimating a length of
60cm), they are still not *that* big.  No animal, warm-blooded or not, has
the metabolism to grow THAT big THAT quickly.  End of rant....

3)_Parasaurolophus_ wasn't decked out properly.  I would have liked to see
the thing running on all fours for one.....  And I would also have liked to
see a "sail" or skin flap or whatever that the mummies show many hadrosaurs
had that extended from the back of the crest and along the back to near the
end of the tail.  Now I'm not asking for any segmented stuff like
_Edmontosaurus_, just a plain ridge of skin that goes to the back of the
crest like in _Corythosaurus_ to the tail.  I would also have liked to see
the deep, furrowy, verticle shoulder wrinkles that the mummies always

4) I would have liked to have seen dinosaurs that were some other color
besides blech.  I would have liked to have seen definate, obvious patterning.
 I would have liked to see that _Parasaurolophus_' crest was really red like
they said in the movie: "That one there, with the red horn," or something
like that as the camera switches to _Parasaurolophus_.....

Anyways, I overall liked the movie, and will see it again (who's paying?)...
 I just wish there were more ornithopods.....

Peter Buchholz

"It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy...let's go exploring."