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Re: Herbivore protection

Hi Carolyn;

Your query regarding "...discussion of the possibility of poor T. Rex
representation in the fossil record vis-a-vis hadrosaurs..." was one of the
issues I sidestepped (or, more accurately, tried to sidestep) when I
acknowledged that lack of evidence in the fossil record (I believe I called
it 'negative evidence' at the time) was not reliable... but in the interest
of addressing Rob's concern that the disproportion, *if it were real*, might
be explained by an as yet unidentified defence mechanism in the hadrosaur.
 My initial interest was in pointing out that other possibilities exist
besides what I shall characterize as the 'whip tail mechanism' previously
suggested, and which I find untenable.

I fully agree, however, that this bit of sidestepping is not legitimate in
the big picture... and there have been several other posts pointing out that
the expected behaviours of these animals with regard to one another may
simply be poor assumptions themselves, and perhaps there is no disproportion

Still open to any and all ideas, with the understanding we have no definitive