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Re: K-T Selection Event

George Lindsay references the devastating meteor theory for the K-T
extinction and points out that in this scenario my reference to a lengthy (by
human as opposed to geologic standards) extinction time-frame would be
incorrect.  Granted, in the scenario he describes, events would occur quickly
by any standard.

But I don't believe the meteor theory has been conclusively proven, at least
not as the sole and total source of the extinction, and certainly not in the
totality George describes.

And I do believe that the fossil record supports a declining dino population
theory prior to the K-T event well enough to keep that door open as a
contributing factor.

And I do believe that the meteor theory, as a total and devastating cause, as
in the "nuclear winter" to which George alludes, loses weight when one
considers the selectivity in the species destruction.

Just a few thoughts.

Wayne A. Bottlick.