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Is Dandakosaurus a basal abelisauroid

I was just wondering if Dandakosaurus a Jurassic theropod from the
Central Indian formation could have relevance to the origin of the
Abelisaurs. The D- shaped teeth are quite reminiscent of Majungasaurus
and Indosuchus.The maxilla like the abelisaurids lacks an extensive
lateral antorbital fossae. The antorbital cavity has an anteroventral
foramen with an internal connection which is also reminiscent of the
similar structures of Indosuchus and Abelisaurus. It is possible that
Dandakosaurus was ancestral to the Cretaceous abelisauroids.

Has any one compared in detail Velocisaurus of Bonaparte with Noasaurus.
Do they seem to form a natural group. If yes what characters seem to
support this. 
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