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dinosaur museums


We live in Geneva (yes Switzerland).  It will soon be time for my 
5-yr old son and I to go off for a week of looking at museums.  
What are the best dinosaur museums in France, Benelux, Germany 
or Italy?  (If you know, feel free to expand your list to museums 
on any other science topic or zoos or aquariums.)  Last summer we 
spent a week doing London & the Natural History Museum in Paris - 
so, been there, done that.  (Oh and also Disneyland-Paris)   ;-)

Bill Larson

I just joined the list.  Is there already a consensus on "T. Rex & the 
Crater of Doom" by Alvarez?  I mean, is it a fun read, not is it right 
on the cause of the K-T boundary.

FYI There is a longish review in the 23 May Science of  Alan Feduccia's 
book "The Origin and Evolution of Birds", which tries to refute the
dinosaur origin of birds.  Or does everyone already know? If so sorry.